Perhaps the most enjoyable part of my career is to see young professionals that I’ve worked with, turn into senior management and executive risk officers in very successful companies. I’ve never believed in maintaining my influence in risk management by preventing others picking up what I know, and I’m proud to say that some of my favourite clients attribute a little of their current prominence to me.

For many years mentoring was a natural part of running a large risk management consulting firm, but since I decided to work alone, I’ve found that some organisations have been prepared to invest in their people by buying a little of my time to mentor them, and also to act as an ongoing sounding board as they continue their careers in some cases.

If there is anyone in your organisation that displays great potential but is not yet a fully developed Head of Risk or Chief Risk Officer, please consider mentoring as a way to accelerate their development within your organisation.

Many risk professionals are cut and paste plodders, but a few develop a sense that there must be more to RM. That few are well worth investing in.