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Tony Pooley

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I’m Tony Pooley, and the following words are intended to help you to decide if you and I can work well together to help solve your risk management needs.


I ran a large risk consulting firm from 1992-2006. I then took a role as Head of Risk at Newcrest when the CEO asked me to do so. On leaving the gold miner I opened Principle Seven to allow me to go back to consulting, but this time without the responsibility of running a team of over 50 people.

Over the years I’ve advised my clients on how to improve their risk management practices, including corporations in oil & gas, mining, and explosives. I’ve also been involved in Aviation, Construction, Energy safety, Forestry, Formula 1, Horse racing, Manufacturing, Water treatment and Wind generation.

Tony Pooley

I also found time – 12 years of it to be precise – to hold down a second job as an associate professor in safety risk management at the University of South Australia, whilst popping out a book on organisational risk management in my spare time, and with the invaluable help of my good friend Rob Hogarth.

Along the way I’ve had the privilege to mentor some young risk management talents who are currently in C-suite positions, hopefully not despite my help, and I’m mentoring others risk managers that I believe have the potential to go all the way to the top of the profession.

On occasions in my career I’ve acted as an expert witness, particularly in matters of safety, both for and against employers, and I’m proud of a record that shows a clear majority of wins, a few draws, and zero losses.

I’m old enough to retire, but I’m not interested in doing so, at least not as long as people are asking for my help and willing to pay what they can reasonably afford. Enough of the sales pitch – if you want to talk to me about any of the risk management offerings covered below, I’d be very pleased to take your call or respond to your email.

Thanks for listening,

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