Health, Safety & Environmental Management Systems

The vast majority of Safety, Environmental, and Quality Management Systems are written to make life easy for the certifying organisation to read and conclude that a certificate should be awarded to the organisation. The resultant format and tone of the document is seldom, if ever, an effective way of explaining the management system to your team working on the front line.

If you’re an organisation that genuinely wants to improve your Health, Safety, or Environmental performance through your management system(s), and feel you are not there yet, consider rewriting the document entirely for the benefit of your employees. It is quite easy to make a document that engages your people, but still allows seamless certification, simply by creating a roadmap for the certifying body that shows them where to look for the answers to satisfy their audit protocols.

HSE Management

Of course, if all you need is certification, you’ll have no need for my help at all.

Is it more important for you make life easy for the certifying body, or have your team understand what you want of them?